Kelvin Haisman

Kelvin is a Sydney based pianist and a graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of music. For the past twenty five years, Kelvin has performed and recorded as a professional pianist and keyboardist in many contemporary genres including:

  • Rock: Doug Parkinson,  Marcia Hines, Christine Anu
  • Blues and Funk:  Doug Williams, Brothers of Oz, East Coast Blues Festival , Liza Ohlback Band
  • Jazz and Latin: Sandunga, Cumana, Jose Pratis, Vermillion Girl, Freyja, Latin Fire, Bellydance, Mike Bukovsky, Ed Goyer Quartet, Edwina Blush
  • African: Epizo Bangoura, African Express, Bubaca, Kalabash, Jive Kayana

Whilst living in Holland in 1998-99 Kelvin also worked with Dharius Dhlomo, The Barcombe Big Band and Australian bassist Andrew Read.

Kelvin has also had a long standing association with Australian indigenous musicians having worked on a number of projects with didgeridoo player Alan Dargin and has lived and continues to work with members of Australia’s seminal indigenous rock band The Warumpis.

He currently performs with the Hung Drawn Quartet.


By: triplet - Release Date : 2013-02-28

Hung Drawn Quartet plays jazz
Kelvin Haisman playing piano